as I’ve heard some introductory words should be inevitable for a website, and so I will try to explain the sense and nonsense of this 6739th travel blog a little bit.

Admittedly, this page is indeed only one of umpteen as many worldwide travel blog pages, of which there are quite a few very good and worth reading, which I can with great certainty but not nearly hold a candle to. On the one hand, because the big world trip is still pending, and on the other hand, because I am not able to report my experiences in such a secure, captivating but also a little less serious way, as many others apparently effortlessly master. Also, I don’t find every larger puddle that needs to be crossed to be particularly worth reporting, which might lack the necessary tension. So this page is mainly dedicated to my daughter and a small community of friends and acquaintances, to whom I will be able to report about my travels and show some hopefully successful pictures.

The reader will also not learn anything essential about my personal data, although this is of course rather counterproductive for the creation of a public interest. Nevertheless, in contrast to many other globetrotters, I don’t think I have to tell everyone immediately where exactly my permanent or mobile residence is at the moment or which toothpaste I prefer. Google and facebook already know all this, and anyone who wants to contact me is welcome to do so via Even though the names of two data collecting global corporations and advertising media has already been mentioned, I have neither a sponsor nor any advertising contracts, which would finance my travels completely or partially. But this gives me the advantage of being able to blaspheme about one or the other company in a politically incorrect way. For the sponsoring by possible employers I also have to pay something in return, the whole thing is then called salary purchase for socage ?.

But now some personal information: the most interests about travelling is not to tear off as many kilometres or miles as possible in a short time, rather the opposite is the case. I have often been annoyed about not being able to stay long enough in beautiful or interesting places due to lack of time or impatience. I try to counteract this more often and sometimes successfully. The basis for this more intensive travel is a not at all everyday motorhome (ExMo), which also enables me to be self-sufficient for a longer time and to travel on impassable roads. Landscapes are explored on foot or by canoe and with light luggage, preferably on day trips, but 2-3 day trips would be quite within the scope of the conceivable, but depending on the condition 😉

I also like to avoid bigger tourist hot spots in the high season, because I don’t really have anything in common with most of these tourists. Most of the time they are just noisy, disrespectful towards the country and its inhabitants they are visiting at the moment and sometimes leave a pile of garbage thoughtless. In some fortunately few extreme cases the visited destinations are damaged or even destroyed. In short simply crowded. Since I can’t always practice this travel behaviour at certain times and in particularly charming natural sites, I inevitably become part of mass tourism and am happy when I am allowed to travel in more lonely areas again. Of course it is clear to me that this loneliness with growing popularity of the motor home tourism and increasing world population will become ever rarer, and therefore no requirement on exclusivity can exist. But what is already perfect in life ….

Finally, I would like to mention that due to my four-finger system when typing and the resulting fact to think sometimes faster than to write now and then some words leave out or also with pleasure some letter turners install 😉 you may forgive me or correct this independently mentally. Over time, the faster thinking will surely subside by itself.